Product Description

*Made by high-strength medical braided wire, offering a precise&quick cutting properties, as well as an outstanding electric coagulation.
*Loop rotates synchronously by rotating the 3-ring handle, highly increase efficiency.
*Standard power connection, compatible with all main high-frequency devices on the market.
*Ergonomic design of 3-ring handle, easier to hold and use.

It is suitable for polypectomy with a diameter of less than 10mm in the digestive tract.

1. Truly synchronous rotation, easy alignment focus ;

2. Easier to fit lesion, not alice, perfect fit;

3.Easy for cutting, excellent performance at blood coagulation,

minimal smoke and crust.

Product Properties

Product Name

Cold Snare

Ring diameter


Work Length


Production Environment

Standard Class 10,000 Cleanroom




USP Class VI, Food & Beverage Grade, Industrial grade



Biocompatibility report ISO10933-5-10

Value-added service

Custom-made colors, Tip forming, end socker, hole punching, pre-form, printing, flaring, welding

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