Product Description

Our dispensing tubing are widely recognized by nine years’ manufacturing experience.With the sanding processing on surface,our tubing very strong.

They are not easy to be separated and deformed in the drop test. Millions of orders drive us to automate. Base on different performance requirements, we design different size and shape of dispensing tube for our customers.

We provide the ROHS/REACH report,Biocompatibility report.

Regarding the package,we pack with two layer plastic,ozone sterilization,and lower than 10CFU.

Product Properties

Product Name

Package Tube

Available Materials


Inner Diameter


Wall Thickness




Nature color / colors

Transparent / custom color


500 pieces

Production Environment

Standard Class 10,000 Cleanroom


For PTCA in medical/For guide wire

Product Application


HDPE tube 4.65*5.72*1520mm,tolerance :+/-0.1mm,natural color.  Three cavity tubing clip*3,Y-type connector*1,the diameter of the dispensing circle IS 203mm.

For Guide wire:

HDPE tube 3*4*4500mm,tolerance: +/-0.1mm,natural color.Four cavity tubing clip*10,injection connector*1,guide connector*1,the diameter of the dispensing circle is 260mm.

For stone removal balloons:

HDPE tube 4.5x5.7mm, 4.65X 5.7mm, length:1500, 1600,2200mm

Wire/cable insulation for medical devices • connecting tube for equipments • Protective jacketing for reusable medical devices

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