Coil Reinforced Tubing

Advantage of Shanghai Eco’s SUS Coil Tube:

1. Self developed modified materials, comparable to European and American brand products, product performance close to 99%

2. The SUS Coil tube is mainly composed of three layers: inner layer PTFE, middle layer SUS coil and outer layer PEBAX, which has excellent bending and compressive properties;

3. The inner layer of SUS Coil tube is super smooth PTFE, and the friction coefficient of inner wall is as low as 0.04, which can effectively protect the operation of surgical instruments in sheath tube

4 The SUS Coil tube and dilator tube with soft tip can reduce the damage to human tissue when inserting catheter

5. The surface of SUS Coil tube has hydrophilic coating, which becomes super slippery when contacting with liquid.

Usage for the following products:

thoracic aorta stent prosthesis

abdominal aorta stent prosthesis

Biliary Stent delivery system

Ureteral guiding sheath

Main Size:

5fr ~30fr, Size can be customized.


360mm~1600mm, Length can be customized.

Additional services:

According to customer requirements, install the Marker ring;

The pitch is uniform, which can achieve a very good bending radius;

The outer layer has hydrophilic coating, which makes contact with liquid super smooth and reduces the harm to human body.

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