Product Description

Fluorinated ethylene propylene, or FEP, was developed in 1956 as a melt processable fluoropolymer alternative to PTFE. FEP can be extruded in long continuous lengths and has several distinct advantages over PTFE. Applications where FEP is chosen are typically those requiring greater optical clarity and flexible.

All of these attributes and more make FEP ideal for a diverse range of applications from environmental monitoring equipment to medical devices and electronics. Because it is a thermoplastic, FEP is also easily heat formed, tipped, tapered, flared, and flanged.

We offer a wide range of standard size products and precision custom extruded tubing made from fluoropolymers and advanced materials. We manufacture FEP tube in a wide variety of custom and stock sizes, we also offers etching for bonding of these products to other materials including other plastics.

We also offer you a wide range of raw material selection, we have long partership with top suppliers like Dupont(Chemous), Daikin and so on.

Product Application

Critical Fluid Transfer – The chemical resistance, mechanical integrity, optical clarity, and high maximum temperature of FEP are ideal for critical fluid transfer. FEP yields to forming and making special shapes such as dip tubes that can fit male ends to provide safe and efficient ways to move caustic fluids. FEP is also the outer component of Double Containment Tubing, which has an inner layer of PFA. The FEP layer provides an enhanced barrier for caustic chemical transport. FEP tubing used in fluid transfer applications can be found in areas ranging from automotive, aerospace, scientific and analytical, to medical.

Electrical – Because FEP is an excellent insulator, FEP heat shrink is an ideal option to provide electrical insulation while at the same time conferring chemical resistance when shrunk over wires. FEP provides high temperature protection in caustic environments. As heat shrink, FEP is also a good splicing aid for designed applications or repairs in the field. FEP heat shrink has a high presence in automotive, aerospace, oil and gas exploration, and many other general industrial applications.

Fiber Optics – FEP products are frequently used to house and protect delicate optical fibers while maintaining a high degree of flexibility. FEP tubing can be formed into shapes and multi-lumens to allow multiple passages within a single tube through which fiber optics can be passed.

General Industrial – The durable yet clear nature of this material make FEP heat shrink an optimal choice for light bulb encapsulation. FEP’s UV rating means that it can stand up to UV exposure and not degrade or breakdown. FEP’s temperature tolerance prevents it from melting even when bulbs become hot. In the oil and gas industry, battery packs and rock core analyses benefit from FEP heat shrink’s clarity and temperature resistance.

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