Product Description

Polyether ether ketone, or PEEK, is a high-performance engineered polymer with excellent heat tolerance and one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any thermoplastic. This material can be used as an alternative to other materials such as aluminum, steel, glass, and other polymers. PEEK’s strength is complemented by its lubricity and high purity for demanding applications. 

Our research, engineering, and production teams have developed a diverse collection of PEEK products to fuel innovation for applications in medicine, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).  This rigid plastic is considered one of the highest performing materials of its kind in the world. PEEK’s considerable advantages as a material science solution are generating breakthroughs in many markets.

PEEK is replacing many metal parts allowing innovative applications with flexibility while reducing costs and weight for systems. In analytical applications, PEEK’s high burst pressure, purity, and chemical resistance assure that PEEK tube will stand up to the pressures needed for critical laboratory work and not contaminate the results. In a biomedical setting, PEEK can be subjected to sterilization procedures such as autoclaving and gamma irradiation. We work with Victrex to develop more application for customers.

Product Application

Critical Fluid Transfer – The chemical resistance, mechanical integrity, and high maximum temperature of PEEK make it ideal for critical fluid transfer where heat is a prime concern. PEEK can withstand exposure to a wide range of acids, bases, and solvents. PEEK’s high purity and ability to tolerate high burst pressures also make it an excellent choice for pharmaceutical, analytical, and biomedical applications to insure analyte fluids remain contaminant free. PEEK has become the gold standard in HPLC applications. We could produce wide range of tubing products including small size and microtubing.

Fiber Optics – Furcation tubing (also known as jacketing), is commonly used in fiber optics for protection of these fragile communication devices. PEEK easily slides over fiber optics without damaging the delicate fibers while decreasing strain and friction; PEEK does this without using additives or fillers. PEEK’s strength also makes it a perfect solution to secure fiber optics. PEEK can be formed into shapes and multi-lumens to allow multiple channels through which fibers can be inserted into a single outside diameter tubing.

General Industrial – PEEK’s durable nature makes it an ideal replacement for many other materials, including other plastics, where enhanced design ability is needed. PEEK tubing also can be formed post-extrusion for a variety of industry applications needing further customization. Heat forming, tipping, tapering, flaring, and flanging are available for our PEEK products.

Insulation – PEEK’s dielectric properties mean that wherever it is used, it also provides insulation in addition to physical and mechanical protection. PEEK products are rapidly replacing other plastics for electric motor insulation.

Mandrel Coverings – PEEK’s ability to withstand extremes of temperature, pressures, chemical exposure, and physical wear and tear make it the best choice for mandrel coverings on which to build components.

Replacement for Metal – PEEK’s superior strength-to-weight ratio allows engineers to think about replacing heavier metal parts with PEEK. PEEK’s ability to withstand physical and mechanical stress together with its heat tolerance and chemical resistance give this material many other advantages over metal parts. PEEK is widely used in the aerospace, automotive, and other general industrial settings for these qualities.

Wire Harness – PEEK is a good material for protecting and insulating wires while decreasing weight and increasing fuel efficiency. PEEK convoluted tubing serves as a flexible conduit to collect wires and bundles making them more manageable. PEEK tubing also protects the covered items from physical trauma and abrasions. PEEK wire harness applications are extensive in the automotive and aerospace industries and are easily adaptable in many other areas.

3D Printing – PEEK filament is mainly used for FDM/FFF printing. Main applications of PEEK in additive manufacturing include metal-replacement, functional prototyping, and end-use parts for industries like aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, medical, dental and research.

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