Product Description

Perfluoroalkoxy, or PFA, was first produced by DuPont in the early 1970’s. This well-characterized melt-processable fluoropolymer combines many of the best traits of PTFE and FEP. At 500 °F (260 °C), PFA has a higher service temperature than FEP and maintains its mechanical integrity in extreme temperatures even when exposed to caustic chemicals. PFA has a greater tensile strength than PTFE and a smoother surface finish than both PTFE and FEP.

PFA comes in high purity (HP) versions that are SEMI F-57 certified. HP PFA tubing lends itself well to critical fluid transport applications that demand a very low level of extractables. PFA can be extruded in convoluted tubing forms to provide a highly flexible conduit. PFA tubing supports applications ranging from laboratory plumbing, food processing, adhesive transfer systems; to fuel, paint, and hydraulic lines. 

PFA’s excellent lubricity, clarity, flexibility, and chemical resistance have led this versatile polymer product to become a popular choice in the semiconductor, chemical, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, fiber optics, and medical industries. PFA is also suitable for food contact and is FDA compliant; it is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

We manufacture tubing with PFA resin in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. PFA tubing is available with special packaging options such as double poly bagged, end cap secured, pre-cut coiled lengths, and custom laser marking for part identification. We also offer custom extruded products made from our diverse polymer portfolio.

PFA can be sourced with flares, flanges, draw downs, drilled holes, or a combination of more than one Value-Added Service.

Product Application

Critical Fluid Transfer – HP PFA’s unique molecular structure reduces chemical extractables, protects against ionic contamination, and is nonreactive with virtually all commonly encountered chemicals. PFA maintains its mechanical integrity at high temperatures. HP PFA’s purity makes it a preferred tubing option in pharmaceutical applications.  In the automotive and aerospace industries, PFA is highly utilized for fluid transfer applications or for air passage requiring excellent chemical resistance. PFA tubing meets SEMI F-57 certification for Ultrapure Water and Liquid Chemical Distribution Systems. Our Double Containment Tubing featuring a PFA inner tubing and a FEP outer tube has been developed for enhanced security while transferring caustic fluids.

Dry Lubrication – PFA’s highly smooth surface finish provides dry lubrication solutions for a variety of applications including fuel hoses and other fluid tubing lines. PFA’s smooth outer surface facilitates feeding of wires and other components through extended tubing channels and confined compartments and spaces.

Electrical – Because of PFA’s exceptional dielectric properties, PFA heat shrink is an excellent option for electrical insulation while at the same time conferring chemical resistance when shrunk over wires. PFA can tolerate high and low temperatures. PFA heat shrink is an excellent splicing aid for designed applications or repairs made in the field. PFA Lay-Flat® tubing can be custom shaped and used for electric motor slot liners. PFA heat shrink can be found in automotive, aerospace, oil and gas exploration, and many other general industrial applications.

Encapsulation – PFA heat shrink provides yet another option for protecting your critical components from harsh working environments. PFA heat shrink can easily withstand wide temperature ranges, exposure to chemicals, and long-term weather exposure. Similar to other heat shrinks, PFA can be used to cover items such as temperature probes, metal roll covers, and wires and cables but provides many material advantages over other polymers.

Furcation Tubing – Also known as jacketing, this application is most commonly used in fiber optics to protect these fragile communication devices. PFA tubing easily slides over fiber optics without damaging these delicate fibers. PFA’s broad operating temperature range allows it to perform in hot and cold environments. In multi-lumen form, PFA tubing allows multiple channels of fibers to be contained in a single outside diameter.

General Industrial – Bridging the properties of FEP and PTFE, PFA’s lubricity, flexibility, clarity, mechanical properties, and chemical resistance make it an ideal material for a broad spectrum of applications. PFA’s wide temperature range allows it to reach from the very cold to very hot while maintaining resiliency. PFA’s clarity makes it a good choice where visibility is needed to monitor fluid transfer, particularly at high temperatures.

Semiconductors – PFA can be made into specialized tubing for semiconductor fabrication units that have a unique molecular structure which fight against ionic and metallic contamination. HP PFA is a SEMI F-57 certified material making it an excellent option for semiconductor clean room applications requiring high levels of purity and low metallic contamination. PFA is designed to provide longer service life in challenging clean room environments and is nonreactive with virtually all chemicals. Our high-quality Double Containment tubing is a material of choice in semiconductor industries where levels of chemical extractables and high continuous service temperature are required.

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