1.Product analysis and improvement

We entirely analysis customer’s samples and offer homologous report for customer product.
Usually,Improve elasticity, custom handle

For example:
1.1Nasal biliary drainage catheter
1)The improvement of elasticity: the gradual flexibility to do better
2)The improvement of the radiopaque effect: our nasal biliary drainage catheter with good radiopaque effect, because add the bismuth oxide. We also could custom a radiopaque ring to confirm catheter location.
3)Improving the safety:Our company use TPU material, safety and environmental protection are guaranteed
4)Improved pulling force:our nasal biliary drainage catheter pulling force is sufficient, it is not easy to break, and the breaking point can reach 53N.

1.2dispenser tube
Improving Color: In order to meet the needs of avoiding the light, adjust the color of the coil according to the needs of customers so as to achieve the goal of avoiding the light.
Fixed the shape of the catheter into the desired shape of the customer.

For example: Contrast catheter
1) there are radiopaque marks and color bar marks at the distal end of the catheter, which helps to observe the operation of the catheter and confirm the depth.
2) for the design of the developing head, we design different hardness, for the safety of the front end and the pushing force of the rear end.
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